10 More Things About Me

Hello Lovelies!!

So I had thought of doing a post for my birthday that also added to all the “about me” content I haven’t updated in basically a year – but as you notice there are only 10 things because the first thing to know about me is I do not like talking about my age! Kinda weird, but work with me here:

1. I Grew Up Oveseas

This is always my go-to fun fact! I was born overseas in the Philippines and moved to Virginia for grade school. After that, I moved on my own to Ohio where I am currently based!

2.  My Favorite Color Is Peach

Over the years I have had many favorite colors and it might change to ice blue I haven’t decided yet but for a very long time I have always liked a light nude/peachy pink color!

3. I Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Starbucks

You know it’s bad when every barista at multiple locations know you.

4. I Have Grey Hair

Not a lot, but a little, and I m tempted to forget the ginger and let it all go white/silver. lol.

5. I Almost Went To Med School

Completed a 4-year program in premedical studies only to talk about clothes on instagram.

6. My Faith Is Very Important To Me

I have always had a strong faith, but for a long time in blogging and social media I definitely kept it to myself. Now I am exploring the idea of sharing more of my beliefs and spiritual struggles and triumphs.

7. My Favorite Topic Is Skincare

I do not share a whole lot about my skincare at the moment, just because I have found what works for me and not a whole lot has changed – but I find it so fun to write about the chemistry of the ingredients and everything it is just so fascinating to me!

8. I Am A Hopeless Romantic

Currently single, and all of my close friends know I am talking about boys 90% of the time.

9.  I Shoot Almost All Content With My Tripod

Yeeeup. I had a few instagram husbands over the years but my little tripod has never broken my heart!

10. I Still Want To Be Mulan When I Grow Up

Of all the strong women featured in media she has been my favorite for the longest time, and like her I want to prove myself using my abilities as she did.

Ok that is it for now!



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