The Spring Trends You Never Saw Coming

Hello Lovelies!!

Ok I feel like I have been sharing more fashion content than usual on Instagram and such, but have not offered much context on the blog! So here is a little breakdown of the (unusual) trends I am extra excited for this spring and this year!

Mixed Patterns


I am serious about this one. 2020 is already about taking risk and running with it, so take different patterns in the same color pallet and just make it work! Sure, not everyone is going to like this one but I am certain that if you have the confidence to pair a plaid blazer with a band tee and knee-high snake boots, you can pull it off!

Will We See More Monochrome?


Maybe? I am still obsessed with the winter white trend as well as mix-media black but will pink suits come back again this spring? Not sure on this one. It was a good ride but if it continues on it would likely need something new or different.

Comfort Is Here To Stay.


We will definitely see some monochrome here with matching sets, but as long as I can keep wearing dad shoes and joggers with literally anything who cares how people are rocking this one!

Grunge Prep


Blair Waldorf and Avril Lavigne are back, but in the same outfit? Yes. Maybe this is just a fleeting moment of everyone pretending they are back at prep school but humor me for a moment and imagine cropped lacrosse henleys, pearls, plaid skirts, and doc martins – maybe?

If you notice there is a theme here with all these “out there” trends as I like to call them. Imagine all the pieces you would not think to wear (possibly all together) in the hope that they somehow work!



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