Your Best Valentine’s Day. Alone.

Hello Lovelies!!

Last year was a wild time around V Day. I remember writing a blog post about how Ariana Grande and Ellen Pompeo taught me the joy of being single and not needing a man. At the time I was newly single and navigating a whole lot with school and who knows what else. This year is a bit different. I am still preaching self-love, but having really learned how to be alone this year, I have a few ideas of how to really enjoy this season when you do not have someone to do all the super cheesy stuff with.

1. Pretend it aint Happening

Seriously. It is just Friday. You will wear your jeans to work and be home in time to swipe on all your dating apps while catching up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

2. Add Ice Cream

Think of this as a treat for all the bs love stories you have had to sit through. Walk down the street or whatever, pick up a gallon of Homemade (my fav) and tell yourself, “I deserve this.”

3. Take Yourself On A Date

I am extra excited for this one because this morning I did exactly that! Well I took myself on a photoshoot, but it felt like a date! Take yourself to the movies, a new coffee shop, read some books at a local thrift store, or anything! Aside from tandem biking, think of that one activity you always wanted to do but could not because whatever, and do it!

4. See Some Friends

Chances are you are not the only single weirdo out there, so find some other weirdos and be weird together! This year I already got to celebrate Galentine’s Day with a style swap party and later today I will be eating some spaghetti thanks to the brilliant idea of one new friend!

5. Write A Letter

Show someone in your life why you love them. They will appreciate it.



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