Overcoming Loneliness In A New Place

Hello Lovelies!!

The inspiration for this article is courtesy of my best friend Amanda (@typeonegeologist) – thank you babe! I had wanted to write something along these lines for a hot sec but did not know how. SO, here is a little guide on how I got to a place where I could be truly happy living alone in a new city.

If You Do Not Know Anyone, Go Meet People

Whether you are out of school like me or not, there are so many community outlets to find friends or make the connections that lead you to the right people for your life. Through social media I would message fellow content creators in the area and ask them to coffee (this is how I met @theseeve, one of our partners, for example). I also used dating apps, gyms, church, work, and other environments to meet people. For my first few weeks I made goals for myself to go on one new coffee date and see one new group event each week to get myself out there.

I Got Lucky

Not everyone reading this is in the same situation, but for me personally I was lucky to find a church community of young people who were in similar situations and there it felt like I got this instant friend group. Whether you are involved in church or not there are plenty of ways you can find groups for whatever your interest may be – could be people who are really into trivia or literally anything. Do not be shy.

Take Yourself On Dates

Ok I know I just listed all these ways to meet people in order to not be lonely, but overcoming loneliness starts with yourself. Look around your new town at all the cute things that you would do if you had someone, and just go alone! Now mushy romantic things might be weird, but go to a farmers market, take yourself to a new fancy restaurant, hike, whatever!

Fill Your Calendar

Start with just working to distract yourself, make plans with people, with yourself, with work, or with the gym. After time, you’ll get in a grove of doing the same things on certain nights and then it will feel natural to not sulk at home alone!

Kind of a weird way of saying all this, but these are the steps I took last fall when I moved and now I am already at a comfortable place in just life in general!



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