Your Next Closet Clean-Out (A Guide)

Hello Lovelies!!

Ok so I have been in a bit of a detox and if you have followed along from the beginning you are aware of my organization obsession! Currently I am reorganizing my closet space and figured you could apply my top tips to your space!

Before I get into everything, my apartment is set up with mostly closet space – I have a storage closet near the entrance, a walk-in for clothes and shoes, and a clothing rack by my desk! Because I have these three closet spaces, my clothes are separated and organized in each based on relevance and other factors! Though this is not everyone’s situation, this brings me to my first tip to separate items:

Put Away What You Do Not Use

Plain and simple: organize by seasons. Currently, all my summer clothes are in boxes in the storage closet. I take this one step further by opening a space in my walk-in for clothes that are either new or that I want to wear in the coming week. When I put outfits together for a photo shoot, I take items out of the closet to the clothing rack in my office to visualize what I am working with. Ask yourself what you are really using a lot, keep that in focus, and move what you are not using now but might use later somewhere else – like under your bed or just out of sight.

Give It Away

We all have things in our closet that we keep even though we do not wear them, but here is some hard truth: you are not going to fit into those jeans again, so give them to someone who will. With each item you organize, ask yourself when you last wore it, and if that is outside the last 2 months, put it away from another season or just send it to someone who would wear it!

Throw It Away

There is no way you can make pit stains chic, so please do not try and just get rid of whatever has gotten gross – white tees, underwear, shoes, literally everything.

Pick A System And Run With It

You can honestly use the Dewey Decimal System if you want to, the point is that you stick to an organization that works for you. For me I organize by item type first then from there I organize skirts by length, pants from casual to dressy, shirts by sleeve length, jackets by temperature, and dresses by length or occasion! Depending on the space you have, you can organize by color, the date you plan on wearing items, or much more!

Small Items

This is one project that is still in the works for me and after the few months I have lived without a dresser I have finally learned that items like underwear or pjs NEED thin drawers so that you can see and grab items without disturbing your whole collection. Currently I went with the cheaper route for this organization by putting everything in milk crates in the meantime. It functions, you do not have to fold everything, but it is still a little messy.


They take up so much space, but they do not have to. Try investing in space-saving solutions like bins designed for extra shoes or those weird plastic things designed to stack them more easily. At the moment I have run out of shoe space so after the pj drawer that is my next project!

Stay tuned for more on this closet organization journey!




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