Evolving With Your Skin

Hello Lovelies!

Getting back to one of my favorite topics today: skincare!! My very first blog post way back when was simply on the basics of taking good care of your skin, and since then I have shared with you all some of my favorite products, updated routines, etc. I feel like I have not shared a lot of new insight on the topic because I have gotten very comfortable in understanding my own needs and honestly not a lot has changed since I last shared some skincare.

BUT that does not mean there is no more to be said or to learn. In this skincare guide I will share how my skin evolves and changes with age or with different seasons and how I choose to adapt after I have settled into a routine.

Changes To Your Diet

One big change I noticed in my skin in the last year was actually due to my low appetite and sudden sobriety. Consumption of sugar, for example, can dramatically affect the presence of acne. Personally, I listened to my skin during this time and realized that I needed more oil based cleansers and switched my moisturizer from one for dry skin to one for normal skin.

Pay Attention To Ingredients

This is more of a general skincare tip if you have not already incorporated it yourself, but one thing I did for myself was switch to clean only beauty, and with certain skincare products this included cutting out unnecessary ingredients like alcohol.

Changes To Your Hormones

Similar to diet changes, pregnancy, changes to hormonal birth control, or simply monthly mood swings affect the current needs of your skin and this usually pertains to the cleansers, moisturizers, and spot treatments you might use. So if you have a big change, be sure to change your products as well, or if changes are minor, have what you need on hand for those times.

Do Not Use Every Treatment Every Day

Recently, I realized you can exfoliate too much or too little. I am currently in a routine of using a natural, gentle exfoliant once a week and only once a week. This same rule applies to harsher chemicals like AHAs or Retinol.

One Last Tip

Try more than one routine! Personally, I have a long winded routine and a much easier routine and I switch between these every day. Since we are still in winter, I recommend trying this short routine when you may not be up for all those products: cold water, face oil, and that’s it!



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