Being Productive When You Do Not Want To

Hello Lovelies!!

Today is a very different post for me – it is a bit of a stream of consciousness, but essentially I am having a day. Today is what I call blog day, but it is too gloomy outside to shoot content AND I have been under the weather for five days, so while I try to rest up, I am not letting this day go to waste.

I do not want to be productive. I don’t. But I am not going to sit in bed and watch Gossip Girl (or TikTok videos) for more than five hours. So, here is what I am doing to turn this day into something productive, and here are a few tips you can use for when you would rather have a lazy day.


I say this a lot, but lists are my first step when it comes to getting stuff done. I plan out what I will eat and when, a list of things I want to accomplish, and places I need to be at specific times. It looks a little like this:

Today I will…

  • write a blog post
  • set up my weekly planner
  • grab some avo toast
  • brainstorm content ideas (product reviews, outfit videos…)
  • do some ab exercises
  • get my nails done
  • shoot some flatlays
  • rest

There is not a whole lot on this list, and plenty of items are fairly easy, but this keeps my mind straight to know that I have stuff going on a certain times and some goals to meet. THIS is the first step, the next step is actually doing what you say you will.

Start With Good Food

Make a breakfast that is actually nutritious and set up a nice morning routine for yourself so you can get stuff done. Making your bed and starting your metabolism off on the right foot are two of the best ways to accomplish things later in the day.

For Your First Task, Give Yourself A Time Limit

For me, this post will be up by 11:30 because I have plenty more to get done once I have accomplished this, and I definitely do not plan on watching Netflix for hours while I hope to finish one task.

Take A Break

Set a another time for a snack, nap, screen time, and just chill. Listen to music and meditate for the sake of your own rest when you need it, and plan to get back to your goals when you are ready.

Have Fun

Once you feel a bit more accomplished, do the productive thing that you know you will have fun doing, for me this could involve window shopping or getting inspired for new content.

Go To Bed Early

Today may not have started on the right foot, but the best way to have a better tomorrow is to prepare with more sleep.



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