COVID-19 Quarantine Day 1: Doing The Things You Said You Were Going To Do

Hello Lovelies!!

So now that coronavirus has turned our world upside-down, I thought I would keep things positive here on the blog, starting with the benefits of some time at home!

I have some fun and insightful blog posts coming up, but today I thought I would share everything about my first day in official self-quarantine and social distance. Essentially, I went ahead and accomplished all the household chores and tasks I told myself I would eventually get to, but it was nice making a day exclusively for all of that!

Deep Clean Everything

Vacuum under the bed, dust under the fridge, clean every filter, ORGANIZE THE JUNK DRAWER, scrub the bathroom grout, etc. Right now is the perfect opportunity for these chores because when else will you have the time?

Ok fine that sounds super boring, well here are some more fun options

The Grocery Run

Stock up FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY. Relax. You are probably a privileged American who will still have access to food in two weeks. I will detail more on this one in my upcoming post on recipes!


I had a lot of cabinets in my place full of unnecessary items so i cleared everything out and did not stop there!

It Is Springtime, So Act Like It!

probably my favorite part of yesterday was reorganizing my closets for spring – bring out  the clothes you forgot you had, and while you are at it make a donation pile!


This is one of my biggest values, but anytime you have free time, remember your goals and write them down!

Make Your Own Day Spa

Grab a face mask and make a nice bubble bath! Remember to keep taking care of yourself!

Create Your Own Mood Board

Go to Pinterest and just find all your favorites and organize them together – take this a step further and make a digital mood board or just print them out for your home!

Ok that was basically my whole first day of quarantine, more content to come on food, home workouts, and the best shows to watch right now!



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