Netflix (And Other) Reccomendations

Hello Lovelies!! 

So while we are all in quarantine, I have seen a number of binge worthy shows pop up on my social media and I thought I would collect a few new favorites for whatever platform you might use! I am also detailing why each of these made the cut, so let’s get into it!


Grey’s Anatomy – ok everyone who loves Grey’s has already seen it 15 times but I added it because it is my current binge! This is also a great choice not only for its popularity but also the fact that the show is so long you may not finish it during quarantine season!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – my favorite show right here! This one made the list because of its positive, light-hearted humor curtsey of Tina Fey. The series also only has four seasons so you will have satisfaction in completing the show. 

Grace And Frankie – Netflix original gold right here. This show is also a great pick-me-up during this time and is most likely to make you feel like the world is not ending. I binged this show after my big breakup and it was truly needed. 

The Good Place – what I love about this show is the pace; it is perfect for watching a whole season in one sitting!

The Office – if you are not feeling like watching something new, check out a classic like this one! 

Criminal Minds – if instead of positive humor you would prefer a panic attack before you go to bed every night, try this crime thriller. (is it a thriller?) There are plenty of scary topics but it is certainly in good taste.

Disney +

Frozen II – if you did not catch it in theaters or if you have small children home for school, this one is perfect for you! 

Marvel – so this is my main binge during quarantine. I saw Iron Man once before but now I am deep into the entire collections. I recommend watching in order, and tonight I will be watching Winter Soldier! (I hear it is very dramatic, but very well done!)

Disney Channel Originals – if you were born around 1995 to 2000 or so, you would have the perfect level of nostalgia watching some of these! Do you remember all the dance moves to “We’re All In This Together”??


Hulu has a lot of hidden gems and honestly the only reason why I have it is so that I can watch The Bachelor or new episodes of Grey’s but it also a great place for sci fi gems like Stargate (if you do not know what that is looks like you are not nerdy enough)

Also Scream Queens was the greatest show of 2015 and I believe it is still on Hulu

ok moving on..

Amazon Prime

Midsomar – if you want nightmares.

I deleted my amazon prime recently so other than that it is a great place to rent whatever is not available elsewhere!

Hope this list has you excited to relax and veg out!



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