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Hello Lovelies!

So I asked y’all what you wanted to see on here and this was the first response that got my attention! I feel like over the past month I have done nearly every home or diy project I can think of! They can be a fun way to relax and do something fun and different for yourself! You get to break your routine of Netflix and homework while still staying safe, so here are some of my favorite DIY projects!


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Home cleaning projects are a nice way to tackle the things you let slide while still avoiding the expense of cleaning services. First on my list: the grout in my bathroom!

So a while back I accidentally stained part of my grout black with bath products (for Halloween lol) and the stains never came out. So with the help of my mom, here’s what we came up with for that project!

You will need:

  • toothpaste
  • baking soda
  • h2o2
  • bartender’s friend
  • sponge or something

So first you are going to make a foamy paste from the ingredients listed above, next you are going to coat the affected grout with this paste and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. After that get a damp sponge and scrub the area until the stains lift (this still takes a while but it’ll work) Rinse with water and then you are done!

Next cleaning project: the glass stovetop! This one is a lot easier. All you need is “easy off” and a sponge. You are going to want to spray the easy off over the stovetop GENEROUSLY. Wait 8 hours, then wipe product off!


Cut your hair! I haven’t done this one but there is a REALLY good tutorial out there from a professional so if you ever get to that point watch this!

Paint your own nails! So at the beginning of quarantine I had to take off my own gel polish which was honestly fun! I then experimented with regular polish at home and doing my own nails has been quite therapeutic! Check out my tutorial below!

And maybe when I get the chance I’ll try those reusable nails!

Home Decor

Two of my favorite projects involve nice ways to make your space look extra cute without breaking the bank! First I made my own collage wall with Tezza’s collage kit!

This one is super easy, you just need the kit and some tape!

Next this one was very spontaneous of me – I needed some cool art for the space above my cabinets, and I ended up with the craziest idea that only required a poster frame and a sharpie:

Just flip over the stock photo, make a squiggle and there you go, Picasso!

Tie Dye

This is next on my list if we stay in the situation any longer – but what would I tie dye??

Hope you guys found some inspo from this post! Stay safe and stay strong!

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