Making Money From Home

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I hope this article can give you some inspiration and hope during this crazy time! As a content creator I spend a lot of time either freelancing or working from home, so I thought I could share my knowledge and research with you all especially for those who have found themselves at home with unstable income. I am no expert businesswoman (yet) but for those of you seeking creative ways to use your skills and ease your financial burdens, here are some ways you can earn money from home!

Multiple streams of income has been popular for many freelancers already, but even after quarantine is over this method of earning money will likely continue to grow and may even surpass traditional jobs as our market dramatically shifts. Below I have laid out project or job options for a variety of skills, and these are all basic ideas – so I hope you can take some of this as inspiration for your own job/career research for the future!

Graphic Design

Experienced with Adobe Photoshop? Watch some tutorials on logo design or calligraphy and see what projects you can find, even if it is just freelance! A lot of beginning graphic designers will use platforms like Etsy or RedBubble to promote their work!

Home Workouts and Online Personal Training

Did the gym you work at close down or are you looking to apply your nutrition degree? Plenty of companies are looking for personal health experts to expand their online business! There is now a larger demand for online personal trainers, so if this is up your alley, take the opportunity! Otherwise, this is also something you can look into doing privately!

Social Media Sponsorships

For all the small time influencers out there, do not give up on finding sponsorships right now! Plenty of consumers are spending more time looking at their social media and plenty of brands are forced to rely on influencer marketing so seek those opportunities where you can! If you are just starting out, I recommend emailing some of your favorite brands and see what you can offer them with your personal brand! Influencer marketing is still a valuable resource and you can easily complete projects without leaving your home!

SEO/PR/Social Media Management/Web Development

Similarly, if you have any of these skills you can seek out remote only positions to help brand and companies with their online needs! These are also skills you can learn through online classes and research to improve your resume!


There are plenty of websites that connect students (for example) with experts to help them write papers or get through a class that maybe you have already taken! If you have the skill and the time, take the opportunity!

Affiliate Marketing

Already have your own website? Look into taking out add space or becoming a brand affiliate to generate extra income!

Any Online Specialized Consulting

This is kind of a blanket idea, but if you have any specialized skill, whether through your degree or other certification, there may be a market for you to offer online consulting in that field! Do not be afraid to reach your full potential!

Plenty of these options or ideas you can create for yourself privately, getting the word out with friends and family, but fortunately there are third party corporations or parent companies that can help you get started in these fields! Again this article is designed to to encourage you to kickstart your own brainstorming, and I hope it helped!



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