How To Create Content By Yourself During Quarantine

Hey loves! Ellie from @thesevee here! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this very frightening time. With everything changing so quickly, I think everyone feels a little bit lost and gloomy. Being stuck at home certainly is not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not always fun when you want to be creative! I wanted to share with you all how I am still creating content by myself at home during this time of social distancing. Can’t wait to see how you all get creative!
Using A Tripod
Okay, this one is probably a no brainer for most of you. Using a phone tripod with a remote is the easiest way to capture content by yourself. They are usually between $20-30 on Amazon and are very user friendly. Always make sure that the remote is turned on and you take a test picture before taking all of your content! I usually like to test a few different angles and heights on the tripod before figuring out what I think works best. Just have fun with it and you will get some great candid shots!
Phone Holder with a Clamp
Using a phone holder with a clamp allows you to easily clamp it to most tables, chairs, counters, etc! It is a great option for taking pictures with a self timer or using it to take videos where you need both of your hands. I have used mine many times to take some Tik Tok videos or film Instagram stories! You can also find these on Amazon for around $20.
Cell Phone Stand/Propping Your Phone Against Something
A cell phone stand is an easy way to prop your phone up and take some video content, shoot a Tik Tok, take a picture, etc. They are affordable online and can really come in clutch when your phone will not stay propped up against anything else! I got mine from a work conference and it has come in handy soooo many times. Find a high enough surface and try taking some pictures for IG or doing a Tik Tok dance video! Propping your phone up against something is a free way to get some content, the tricky part is finding a surface that is high enough to get the shot you want or making your phone stay up. Work with whatcha got though, right?!
Mirror Picture
IMG_7626 3
Never underestimate a good mirror picture! They can turn out SO cute! This is one of the best options especially if you are stuck inside and have no outdoor space. Get some good lighting and an outfit you feel confident in and I promise you will get some great pictures. Share your OOTD, a new dress you just got, a close up of a pair of new earrings, a new phone case, your quarantine outfit, your new pajamas, whatever fits your style!
Okay, I know. This is probably cliche and a huge given. But when you are feeling yourself after doing your makeup and putting on real clothes for the first time in over a week, you’ve gotta take a few selfies! This could also be a great way to show off a necklace, a pair of earrings, a new lipstick, a new makeup product that you just tried, etc. Get some good lighting in front of a window and snap a few selfies to share, record some IG stories talking to your followers, or make a Tik Tok video sharing your new favorite necklace.
Using a flatlay to show off an outfit or a product is also a super easy and great option! Brands post and repost flatlays all the time, so don’t be afraid to put one together! They can turn out so creative and really pretty, especially when you add extra elements to them besides the main focal point. Use your creativity and what you’ve got laying around the house and bring your vision to life!
This is the hard part – now that you have hopefully figured out how you can create content by yourself, you have to figure out what you want to create! For me, its always a new product that I am loving, a cute outfit that I have been wearing, or a new dress that I just got and want to show. But I need to get even more creative than that! Right now I am filming an IGTV video for my makeup routine, filming Tik Tok videos that I can share on my stories, shooting pictures of different outfits and products for upcoming collabs, and trying to incorporate more real life posts into my feed.
It is hard to be inspired when you are stuck in the same environment, but look around for what you have and you can make some great content for the time being! Share a new recipe you love, your skincare routine, how you make your coffee, what book you are reading, an app you are loving, how you are staying active inside, clean a room and do a time lapse, re organize your furniture in your bedroom or living room, etc. Branch out from what you normally post about and the content possibilities are endless!
I hope that you can all stay creative but not be too hard on yourself about it! Stay safe, stay positive, stay true to you, and spread kindness whenever and wherever you can!
Xoxo, Ellie
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