Staying Positive During Quarantine

Hey, babes! Molly here! (@seemollyblog) Times are crazy, and I know that all the change can be very scary, and anxiety-inducing. However, even in the darkest and most unpredictable times, we can find light and positivity. I’ve compiled some ideas to help you adjust to this new way of life, and ultimately stay positive throughout your increased time at home. Sending lots of love, and happy vibes your way! WE GOT THIS! 

Ways to Stay Positive while Sheltering in Place

Feel all the feels: First and foremost, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel whether it is positive or not. It is so important to recognize what our initial feelings are toward a particular situation before we work to reframe them. Whether you’re feeling scared, anxious, angry, confused, hopeless or all of the above understand and appreciate that your feelings are completely valid. 

Practice Gratitude: Positivity stems from a lot of sources but one of them is gratitude. When we acknowledge the blessings we have in our life, it begins to shift our perspective. Gratitude reminds us to live in the moment, and first appreciate what we have before worrying about what we do not, or any unknowns. Challenge yourself to write a list of 3 things for which you’re grateful each and every day. 

Unplug: Facebook and Instagram already have to power to uplift with sweet photos of family far away, and simultaneously send us into a spiraling depression with pictures of an exe’s wedding. While historically a double-edged sword, there’s no doubt the current situation of our world is definitely complicated by social media. Of course, media isn’t all bad! Some really helpful information has been disseminated via the news and various social media channels. That being said a lot of panic-inducing, and untrue information has also been shared and I think setting limits on screen time can be so helpful to remain positive. Sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss! (Please definitely stay up to date on your area’s shelter in place status and so on, but don’t complicate things with click-bait articles and rabbit-holes of stalking your exes on social media. Good vibes only!) 

Cultivate Your Space: Many people are now working from home, and if you’re not working from home, you’re definitely spending more time there (hello, shelter in place and social distancing! Nice to meet you!). Our minds are very aware of and influenced by where we are. For instance, if we are in bed our minds will think we are slowing down and prepping for sleep, but if we are up and at a desk, we are in more likely to be in a productive mindset. That being said, if you’re now working from home take time to create a dedicated workspace that motivates you, and also has some personal touches. If you’re still going to work this is still an awesome time to re-energize your space by cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and just showing some TLC to your surroundings. Create a space that serves you. 

Plan a Routine: Now that so much of life is taking place at home, I’m sure a lot your old routine has been turned completely upside down, and there are pros and cons. No traffic, YAY! Less motivation to wake up early…boo. However, just because your routine may look different doesn’t mean it should be nonexistent. My mood is always increased when I have structure and know what’s expected of me, and what I’m expecting for myself. Create a modified schedule and do your best to stick it! Continuing to wake up early, drink your morning coffee, and get out of your pajamas not only sets a tone for your day it immediately makes you feel accomplished and on the right track for your day. CRUSHING IT! 

Sweat It Out: In the words of Elle Woods, exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy.” Can’t argue with a fashion-forward Harvard educated lawyer, am I right!? While gyms and studios are closed many places, there are so many online options to get your move on! From yoga and barre to HIIT and kickboxing so many studios are offering online classes, and YouTube is also a wealth of work out video options! Make some time to sweat, it will turn your whole mood around, Elle Woods and I pinky promise! 

Support Local: I always feel positive when I do things to help others. Many small, local business have been greatly impacted by social distancing and shut down orders, so consider supporting your favorite local spots in whatever way you can. Have a date night with carry-out food from your favorite restaurant, or order flower delivery from a local florist and brighten your at homework space with some cheery blooms. It’s hard not to feel good when you’re helping out! 

Go Outside: As long as you’re an appropriate distance away from other people (about 6 feet) you’re totally cool to be outside! I know for me personally a little vitamin D goes a long way and the sun is the perfect source! With the weather warming up it’s the perfect time to take your work or your lunch outside or go for a walk. Nature is great for fostering positivity! 

Celebrate Your Wins: Stay positive by being your own cheerleader! Allow yourself to feel proud of crushing your new routine and adjusting to this new lifestyle. Remember victories are big, and small. You didn’t silence your alarm? CELEBRATE! You crushed an at home work out? YES, GIRL! You cleaned out your closet? HIGH FIVE! Celebrate in a way that is meaningful for you. Allow yourself to watch an episode or two of your favorite Netflix show, or drink a glass of wine. Positivity ultimately comes from ourselves, and now that we aren’t around as many people, we have to take charge of patting ourselves on the pat and be proud! You’re doing AMAZING! 

Stay in Touch: They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so while you’re taking a break from social media, try and make time to connect with friends and loved ones in new, meaningful (and distant!) ways. Use group meeting apps to have a happy hour with your friends, send snail mail, or just hop on a call to check on your mom. Being forced to slow down is the perfect time to check in on each other and remind each other how much you care. Awesome relationships are positivity all around! 


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