Summer Getaway (Or Not) Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

This year I have made it a point to enjoy the summer and all the fun it brings no matter what may happen, and for me that includes feeling like I am on vacation even if I am at home. So whether you plan to safely get away or you are just thinking about creating a staycation in quarantine, here are some of my favorite lifestyle essentials for the summer!

Style and Function

1. Birkenstock


Ok first on my list are these Birkenstocks!! I have had a number of different pairs including the original Arizona sandals and the plastic sandals, but I now have a soft spot for these because the white is so trendy and goes with more summer pieces, but you still have the same material at the bottom to mould to your foot creating that custom feel of the originals!

2. Modest Swimwear


One of my new favorite pieces is from Kortni Jeane! If you haven’t heard of this brand before they are all over social media with their colorful variety of high cut swim bottoms and creative tops! They also have a whole style range for families but I just love how each season they come out with new prints and styles to mix and match for a fun day of swimming! Personally I love their pieces because I do not feel like I need to add a coverup and can just grab my swim bag, some sandals, and I am good to go!

3. Thick T-shirts


There are SO MANY basic tees out there for women but unfortunately so many of them are made of material so thin they are see-through and quickly develop holes. I have a number of favorite brands for t-shirts, and if you want good sturdy material at a low price, I honestly recommend checking out the men’s section! Currently, however, my favorite tees are from Madewell! Some of their styles are too thin for my but my absolute favorites are their Baby Tee and Northside Vintage Tee!

4. Matching Sets


This is a given and yes everyone has matching loungewear right now but I thought I would take the moment to remind y’all that my favorites are from Urban Outfitters, Missguided, and Target!

5. Overalls


Do not come at me I just like them and they instantly make me think of summer and so much nostalgia

Beauty and Health

1. SuNsCrEeN

Snapseed 2

Oh my god never forget the spf even if it is cloudy outside or even if you are just going for a drive – trust me! My personal favorite sunscreen is Supergoop, and one product I am currently obsessed with from them is their powder! You can use it to set your makeup but you can also carry it around for touch ups during the day!

2. Facial Spray


I have a lot of favorites in this category and they do not need to be setting sprays, they could just be refreshing sprays like my current favorite Eau de Beaute from Caudalie! I also have LOVED the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist but as long as the ingredients list checks out, most facial sprays are a great way to keep your skin going throughout the day!


1. Any Journal


Preferably pen and paper, but virtual journals work too! I recently found a great journaling bible I am excited to use this summer! It can be hard to take time to reflect on what is going on every day, so another easy way to start is to just save space for two or three sentences in your planner or whatever you use to make a to-do list!

2. Blue Light Glasses


Plenty of people have been talking about these, but if you haven’t already hopped on the bandwagon, now is a good time to start using them for the summer! Of course you could also opt for minimal to no screen time!

3. Water Bottles


This sounds so vague but a lot of people still are not drinking enough water! Personally I started investing in some liter-sized boxed water to help me reach my goals but if you need more specific goals for yourself here are some options!

Hope you all found something useful out of this fun list!



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