Minimal Summer Beauty

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Hello Lovelies!!

Every summer I especially love this element of taking a big old chill pill. Even though I am no longer in school I love the idea of slowing down, taking a step back, and purposefully not doing the most.

Two areas where I make this change pretty obvious are with skincare and makeup! I downsize my collection to only essential and easy-to-use products! Here are some key players!

Summer Fridays

My absolute favorite product from this brand is definitely their very first: the Jet Lag Mask launched in 2018! This product is perfect for deeply hydrating your skin and it also makes a great remedy for excess sun exposure!

Fresh Beauty

I love a lot from this brand but my two favorites are their Soy Face Cleanser and the Sugar Lip Balm (in mint!) – the cleanser is nice and gentle on my sensitive skin and the lip balm has a nice texture that is neither sticky nor waxy!


THE BEST SUNCREEENS RIGHT HERE! I love their original products, but my current favorite is their powder! It adds another layer and is easy to apply throughout the day!


My favorite product from this french pharmacy brand is their Eau de Beauté facial spray! It is so fresh and I use it both as a toner and as an added way to refresh my makeup like the powder!

RMS Beauty

LOVE this clean makeup gem! I first got hooked on their bronzer because it is such a natural and glowy look, plus you do not need a brush to apply!

Ilia Beauty

I mainly love this brand for their mascara – it is lightweight yet lengthening without any annoying clumps as you apply!


I never leave the house without applying the Bow Brow and Haloscope products, but I also love nearly everything they’ve come out with! Plus, their marketing is so genius!

Did I mention these are all clean brands?? Again, what I love the most about all of these brands is the easy application especially for makeup products! You get to spend more time out in the sun and less time perfecting your eyeshadow!



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