Mini Guide To Cincinnati

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Hello Lovelies!!

So funny story: before the infamous Friday the 13th of March, I had actually planned a “guide to Cincinnati” post to go live as a fun way for my Ohio area audience to find new adventures around the city! Obviously I waited until everything on this list was doable, and now that they are, here are a few of my favorite things to do around Cincinnati!

1. Hyde Park Farmers Market

This Sunday the market will finally be open like usual! You can browse the different stands, grab some flowers, bread, and produce, then sit on one of the benches for a nice lunch!

2. Condados

If you live in Cincinnati and you do not know what this is, shame.

3. Aimless Walks Around OTR

There are two versions of this: daytime and nighttime! So, you can either bar crawl or you can just skip around visiting small boutiques, maybe get your nails done or grab some Holtman’s Donuts!

4. Rooted Juicery

My personal favorite addiction since I moved here! Their avocado toast will change you, and I love how everything is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free!

5. Visit The Downtown Art Galleries

Right between 6th and 7th street you have your modern art, the 21C Hotel galleries, and the Aronoff Center if you are also looking for live entertainment. These unfortunately have yet to open again but I hope to be first in the door!

6. The View At Shires Garden

LITERALLY the best brunch in town! The view is amazing, the seating and style make you feel so fancy, and the prices are pretty great especially when they are running specials!

7. The Painted Ladies

Ok I am obsessed with this idea! Just take a social distance drive around Columbia-Tusculum and BOOM! The prettiest old houses you ever did see!

I will be creating more content around the city and all the fun things you can do – maybe more guides like this or other posts as I learn more about my city!



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