What To Expect From She Laughs This Summer

Hello Lovelies!!

So I asked you all to send in requests for new content and I love your ideas! Work has been a little slow over here, so today I thought I would share what content you can get excited for this summer! By the way, if you want some insight into how I stay organized, create goals, and plan my life, check out this blog post here! Now, based on your suggestions, here is what I am excited to create just in the next few weeks!

More Hair Tutorials!

I have tried a lot of new things with my hair especially now that it is much shorter. I am testing new products, curling, braiding, whatever! I got one request for hairstyles without heat and I love this for summer! I also intend to make posts like this as inclusive as possible. My hair has naturally changed a lot over the years and I want to be able to share ideas for those with straight, curly, coarse, thick, and fine hair, so stay tuned!

More Organization

Both lifestyle and home organization are two topics I would love to dive deeper into! Whether you want a productive day or a clean space, I hope to be your gal!

Devotionals and Encouraging Content

This year I became much more comfortable in sharing my faith, and I am excited to bring you along as I find new things that speak to me!

More Home Tours!

I am always changing things at the apartment, and while I feel my decor is never finished I am quite happy so many of you want to see more! One thing I am excited to do is share specific corners of my place: the office, kitchen, reading space, music space, bathroom, the sixteen-dollar bed frame, the closets, etc!


Y’all know I shop like crazy, but I am terrible when it comes to talking about what I am shopping, testing, whatever, so let’s bring back that content!

Day In The Life

I always share a little on stories, but the last time I documented a full productive day was in college, so here is to more days as a boss babe for me to share with you all! I sure am excited, are you?

A Little Travel

I have a few safe getaways planned, and I am extra excited to bring y’all along!

Get ready guys, this is going to be a wild summer!



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