No Heat Hairstyles For Summer


Hello Lovelies!

I got a request to do this blog post and I LOVE this idea for summer!! Y’all know I love a good blowout or curl, but the summer is all about easy style to get you out the door faster!

The key to no heat hairstyles is knowing your natural hair type.Back when I had curly hair, I would put in a curl scrunch gel and head out, but now my hair is thinner and VERY straight. So, before I go into how I style my hair specifically, I’m going to get into product recommendations for various hair types!

When your hair is still damp, be sure to use a combination of leave-in conditioner (I love Olaplex or It’s A 10), hair oil (a little goes a long way), and anything else to either add volume or calm frizz depending on your needs! If you have thin hair, you’ll be adding texture, but if you have curly hair you’ll be working to make everything smoother. Now for styling!


I am super into this two dutch braid look and it’s easy to do yourself! Just separate your hair down the middle and tie down one side. Then, one side at a time, make a french braid that goes under the hair rather than over. Once you have made two tight braids, loosen them up by tugging at the pieces here and there, then set any frizz with a touch of hairspray!

The Low Bun

Another quick up-do I like is this take on the messy bun. Instead of letting your hair do its thing, brush it nicely while creating a middle part. Then make a low pony tail and create a simple bun. What makes this look chic rather than messy is adding hairspray to frizz and flyaways. Add some gold hoops, a little mascara, and you’re set!

Wet Texture

After a shower or swim, just use a salt spray and really crunch the hair. Make sure you have plenty of oil or conditioner to avoid dry or damaged hair, then shake it out and let your hair do its thing!

Dry Texture

This is tricky without heat, but something I like is when my hair needs some love on day 3 or so, I’ll use a combo of dry shampoo and texture spray (IGK) and just refresh the texture I have!

That’s it for my summer hair! A lot of this is meant to be easy, and the only secret is I really do not do much to my hair in the summer!



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