Summer Style Guide: Shoes And How To Shop Them

Hello Lovelies!!

I am still getting back in the groove of posting regular fashion and beauty content since March, ok wow! But this morning I asked y’all for some help deciding what to write and I am so glad you chose SHOES! I haven’t talked about shoes much on here but I wanted to break down my philosophy on shopping this summer, why I do not spend too much, and what I value when building my wardrobe!

First, let’s get into what I mean by philosophy and values with shoe shopping. The basics of all this involves how I differentiate between investment pieces, splurges, dupes, etc. A lot more than you think goes into a purchase, and as much as I may love something there are certain reasons why I will never buy them. Let me show you what I have to better explain how I break this all down!

Investment Shoes

These shoes almost never go on sale but are designed to last for years. Some say designer shoes fall into this category but personally, I find that value is seriously lost with some brands either do to longevity, support, structure, etc. The main investment shoes in my closet are my Birkenstocks. They typically last me 3 years (I wear them essentially every day) and so far I have purchased three pairs (two with cork, one plastic for pool days).


Currently, my favorite Birks are my white ones and I just love how they make my outfits feel more put-together!

Dupe Shoes

Like the name says, these shoes look A LOT like some designer shoes, and that is why I got these Sam Edelmans! They totally look like the Princetown Loafer from Gucci but…

Snapseed 3

… they actually come in wide sizes! An even more perfect reason to invest! I love these shoes when I am trying to look profesh but still be myself!

Splurge Shoes

These are shoes that I cannot TOTALLLYYYY justify but I still love them. My example for this category are my three Tory Burch shoes. The only reason why I bought each was because they were discounted in some way. My flats I found on Poshmark, the black heels were final sale at Nordstrom Rack, and my new flip flops were randomly price matched at Nordstrom! Sure, I got a better deal, but even at a discount these are still a splurge!


Inexpensive Shoes

Here is the fun part this summer! Recently I have fallen in love with what I call “color under $50” aka cute shoes that make an outfit way cuter but will not break the bank! The reason why I try to go cheap with these shoes is because I do not know how comfortable they are and I have no idea how often they will be worn, but aren’t they so cute!!


Sorry these are just my favorite shoes this summer! They air perfectly with white, and make you want to go out and get a cute pedi to match!

White Sneaker Shop

These are a complicated mess. I am honestly still on the hunt for a good casual sneaker, but one pair of white sneakers I love is actually these Linea Paolo shoes I found on sale! I love dressing them up with a blazer, and of course Nikes are great too. But again I am still looking for the right kind of cute, comfortable, and casual!

IMG_6765IMG_8447IMG_5897 2

Ok I know this post may seem a little different from the norm, but I will keep y’all updated on my hunt for the perfect shoes!! For now visit this link to shop my favs! Thank you for reading!



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