Summer Goodies And Gift Ideas

This blog post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. All opinions are my own.

Hello Lovelies!!

I am so excited to share some of these new favorite things with you!! BabbleBoxx sent over this wonderful collection of summer pick-me-ups and wow they make staying in all the more fun AND they make great summer gifts too!

For The Bookworm

If you are looking for a new read while offline, The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill is packed with Italian adventure! Maybe your summer is stuck in Ohio like mine – it certainly doesn’t have to stay that way! Live vicariously through the travel of three friends, all with wildly different experiences!

For The Sun Goddess

(Or the pale girl who can’t tan like me) Vita Liberata has the perfect budget friendly tanning water that is safe for a sunless glow that doesn’t get all gross! You just spray some of the water then rub it in a bit, then use the Beauty Blur for touch ups when you get ready! The beauty in this gem is the mess-free ease of tanning and getting ready!

Coffee-Free Energy

Good fruity energy is always great especially in travel friendly packets, but what I love about Energy Rush from 4C is the variety of flavors! Just add your favorite flavor to your purse in the morning so you aren’t dying for another coffee at 4:00! My favorite flavor is citrus!

More DIY nails!

The nice thing about this polish from Cindi Nails is how fast it dries!! It still stays on nice and strong with the base and top coat, but this way you aren’t stressed over smudging it hours after application! If you want to easily do your own nails at home, use my code Adelia2020 for 20% OFF your purchase at!

The Last Great Gift: Cute Cups!

I love how small these Swig cups are, they’re so cute but easy to close and take with you! You can use them for any beverage as they have a nice stainless steel interior! These are their stemless wine cups but I could see anything from lounging with iced tea on the back porch to running out the door with fresh coffee in these cups!

These cups will keep your drinks cold for up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours with their insulated system! So not only are they cute but so functional too! Plus if you follow the link above you can get an extra 10% OFF automatically!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this article! I hope you find some good inspo either for yourself or your loved ones this summer!



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