Who Has Cute Cutoffs This Summer?


Hello Lovelies!

I have been meaning to make this post for so long since (first) this summer has been crazy and (second) a lot of you are saying you’re still shopping for the current season so here’s the rundown of my experience shopping denim shorts for summer and how you can shop smart for yourself!

My first stop is always American Eagle – and this year I loved a few shorts styles – but unfortunately with their stock quantities and everything shopping there became a mess! None of the cute styles were available by mid June and they still suffered severe shipping delays from quarantine. Long story short, I did find one pair I LOVED – their new curvy mom shorts are cute, comfortable, and modest! Aside from this style I noticed some big differences in fit for other pieces – they have a new 90’s style that looks cute online but in store is a little thin with zero give. Lastly, I used to always love their high waisted short shorts but honestly I am realizing that shorts with a ton of stretch is not where it is at! It is always great to find something that can perfectly fit your waist, and if you are curvy like me this usually requires some spandex material – but for shorts I am realizing you may not want the same thing happening at the leg opening because then the shorts look a little too spray-painted on. I feel like for most shorts a nice classic fit includes a little room in the thighs so you do not look too squeezed in!

One brand I have been hearing a lot about recently is Ambercrombie and Fitch – these seem to give the look of premium denim without the crazy prices! I wish this brand was more size inclusive but it is still nice to see they know their distressing!

Personally, if you are looking for high quality premium denim shorts, the Parker by AGOLDE is the best. They are thick like Levi’s but with a bit more stretch yet they hold their shape quite well! My only critique is I wish they were more size inclusive and went past a 32!

On the topic of premium denim, Free People, Levi, and Madewell are all good choices! Free People has creative distressing but only goes up to a 31, Levi has more size inclusivity but zero stretch for curvier shoppers, and lastly, Madewell might be my new favorite shorts brand! They have expanded their sizes, and their curvy styles have a tad bit of stretch to them while still maintaining that thicker premium denim material that forms to you! I absolve how all the higher end shorts all have nice vintage washes rather than bright blue, with a slight greenish-grey tint these are perfect for a summer escape!

Hope y’all love this list along with all the info on size, quality, and price point! Let me know if you would like even more help in your search for the perfect shorts!



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