Anti-Chafing Solutions For Everyone


This blog post is sponsored by Thigh Society

Hello Lovelies!

I am seriously so excited for today’s post!! Y’all know how passionate I am about both loving yourself the way you are AND being comfortable in any style – so with that mindset I would love to introduce you to a wonderful solution for everyone! Ever worn a dress or skirt in this hot weather, and no matter what you do, you still can’t help but get an uncomfortable rash from your thighs touching? Sometimes it is not that bad and sometimes is painful, embarrassing, and it even scars!

I have looked into using deodorant (be careful if it has aluminum) or other products that may help for an hour or so, but now my new shorts from Thigh Society are perfect!!

Here are a few quick facts about these shorts: they are thin, sturdy, NOT SHAPEWEAR so they do not suck you in (just smooth and invisible), and there are so many options to choose from!

They come in all the basic colors with different length options and my FAVORITE thing about this brand is the variety of styles! They offer The Cooling, The Cotton, The Staple, and The Original, all with different weights and level of sheerness. My two favorite styles are The Cooling and The Staple! The Cooling is perfect for really hot days, and when I when I wear The Staple I forget it is there it is just THAT COMFORTABLE!

I also want to commend this brand on two big things that few brands do: size and color inclusivity! Each style comes in sizes XS to 6X, and their plain colors do not just have one ‘nude’ shade, they also offer the shade “cinnamon’ as well as classic black and even pink!

I love styling these shorts under any dress or skirt, and the different length options help them not be so noticeable!

Lastly, another great use for these shorts is actually as loungewear – trust me, they are SO COMFORTABLE!



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