What To Do When You Feel Fat


Hello Lovelies!

I love getting personal on here especially since I get  steady flow of questions regarding weight, personal health, confidence, etc. So, here is an article specifically for the folks who have ever felt fat.

First off, if you have ever thought “oh, I feel fat” you’re lucky I cannot slap you right now. There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG with this statement and how NORMALIZED IT IS.


Fat is tissue made of lipids and other things to protect our bodies and keep up warm. It is NOT a feeling, ever.

Sure, you may FEEL insecure about how your body looks. You may compare it to other and wonder why you were not blessed with a high metabolism or button nose. But I hope that since you clicked on this page you have realized how messed up our society is to make us think that our weight or size has any correlation to our ability to succeed or be happy.

I am sure you have seen a body positivity post here or there, but this societal problem is far from over. I still see men and women in fitting rooms complain about size and fit. They will say there is not anything wrong with the clothes, but that the problem is just them and their fat.

This is your wake up call to stop body shaming yourself. Remember that God created you to be beautiful, and that your body does amazing things for you every day! Respect yourself, nourish yourself, and buy clothes that fit the person you are right now, not the person you want to be.



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