Ten Thousand Followers Later

Hello Lovelies!

I first imagined this moment on January 14th 2018. I remember hitting publish on my first post knowing my friends and family would be totally confused. I hoped that maybe six months later I would get to say “swipe up to read adelialauren.com.” Six months turned into over two and a half years but all that extra time is ok because I got to say those words this morning.

This is not a “yay I reached a milestone” post, I am going to be as real with you as I can be here.

When I woke up last week and saw “10k” on my instagram page I instantly wanted to go back to sleep. I was so tired. Maybe I was just ready to take a trip (you can see the vlog here and blog post will be up shortly) but I felt so drained and exhausted.

This brand took SO MUCH WORK. I worked with this goal in mind nearly every day for YEARS. In that time I never really had a significant boost or moment where I suddenly grew from some random post. This was a steady journey.

At times I gained a thousand followers in a month, and at other times I have seen little to no change in over eight months. The algorithm kept changing and I do not know what else to say other than it was just an exhausting process. My point here is to encourage you that you can do anything no matter how difficult it may seem. Sure, this journey was harder than I expected, but it was WORTH IT and I am so glad I never gave up!

My favorite part about this whole thing, what I GET TO DO, is the opportunity to meet and befriend so many amazing bloggers, content creators, and just nice people! Y’all are seriously the best group I could ask for. You are insanely encouraging and you make me so happy to create new helpful content – here’s to you!



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