Fall Date Ideas: 2020 Edition

Hello Lovelies!

I realize it has been a few years since I have talked date ideas, bu this might be my most requested article right now! Since I have shared 50 ideas here already, I figured I would mainly cover fall-themed dates and my new favorite quarantine dates!

I met Con barely two weeks into quarantine so most of our dates have been all about staying in. Seriously though, this brings me to my first favorite date.

The Quarantine Date

Cook a new recipe, let Netflix pick a movie at random (or start a classic Disney marathon), maybe take a walk to work off all that pasta, and just relax! This date is both sweet and affordable!

The Grocery Date

How domestic! You may think this is super boring, but before a quarantine date you can pick out what you need for that new dish you are trying! Maybe check out cheeses together or grab flowers on your way out!

Visit A Farm Together!

(for my Midwest friends) getting out of the boring at home dates, you cannot go through fall without carving some pumpkins, going through a corn maze, or cozying up on a hay ride! There are still ways to have this kind of fun with COVID, so get out there and pick up some cider while you are at it!

Host A Bonfire

This can be really fun for a group of friends! Do not forget the marshmallows!

Make Haloween Costumes Together

This can be really fun depending on how creative you are – visit a thrift store or two and see if you can create a couples costume together! This can be extra fun if you do not know what you want to do yet and bonus points if you find each others costume!

Tour Your City

Ok this last one is less fall themed but still something fun to do each season! If you plan on going out, see what is new or newly reopened in your area and finally have a night out!

Thank you for reading! I hope this sparked some fun ideas for yourself in your dating life!



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