Time Management Tips: How Scheduling Rest Can Improve Your Productivity

Hello Lovelies!!

I am extra excited for this blog post because this one was recently requested! I always feel more confident in my work knowing you all actually want to see these things, so today I will be sharing how I schedule myself throughout the week to feel balanced and to calm my anxiety.

First off, 2020 has not been kind to us and we all have different situations going on regarding work and living, so I wanted to highlight stress-relieving tips rather than efficiency-maximizing tips. Now let’s get into it!

Schedule Downtime First

I know this sounds strange but one thing that hurt me this year was overcompensating my work despite our economy. In my situation I worked seven days a week for a while, filling my days off with collabs and client work, and I quickly realized this was a mistake. This only went on for maybe a month or two, but the problem was I denied myself a sabbath, so now the very first things I schedule are my sleep, meditation, and other downtime like brunch or watching movies. This way I make sure to meet my rest quota as you could call it, and ensure that my desire to be a boss babe does not interfere with my well being.

Challenge Yourself In The Morning

I know this sounds weird but bear with me! I am a morning person so I have always been a firm believer that if you get your morning tasks done you will succeed later in the day. For me I always make my bed, clean up my kitchen, finish laundry or whatever else, workout, shower and say good morning on stories before my day really starts and by the time all that is done I feel like I can do anything!

I recommend setting three goals for yourself for between the moment you wake up to the moment you start work. Maybe it is make the bed, brush your teeth, and make breakfast, or maybe it includes a fun walk! I know I sound lame but making these small things your goal helps you develop bigger goals!


Speaking of goals, I have loved talking in the past about manifestation or using your organizational skills to make your goals happen! What I mean is every month when I start writing in my planner I make a page for my various goals. These goals can be for work, social media, fitness, whatever you want! The important thing here is to make notes of how you plan to achieve them. What are you going to do every day to help make it happen?

Water And Meals

Right now two goals I have for myself are to hydrate more and to cook more at home. So for this one I have made more notes in my planner on how much water to drink in a day and what I am cooking for dinner and such!

And that is all the advice I have for you! Notice I did not prioritize scheduling appointments and work. Yes, those are still important pieces to your planner, but in order to succeed stress-free, these seemingly less important topics are key!



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