The Detox Series Part 2: How I Turned My Unwanted Clothes Into Extra Cash

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Hello Lovelies!

We are wrapping up the first chapter of the detox series; today I am finally done with clearing out my closet! I first realized I wanted to do the whole detox series one day when it took me over TWO HOURS just to decide what to wear! I ended up repeating a plain outfit and decided it just wasn’t my day, but I still knew I had to do something about my closet issue. I had way too many items to work with, a lot of things I kept even though I really didn’t want them, and I was tired of convincing myself to buy “one more thing” to fit whatever outfit I was trying to put together.

So the detox: if I wanted to have significantly less stress getting ready and if I wanted to have outfits that were “hip” and “in” (idk what I am saying) I needed to get rid of what I didn’t need.

Step 1

I made piles and piles of everything that had to go: summer shoes that won’t be in style next year, jeans that no longer fit, that sparkly skirt that’s too short and drives me nuts when I try to make an outfit, and all the things I haven’t worn in the last 2-3 months (and there was A LOT). Now 80% of my closet is on the floor and all that is left is a capsule wardrobe (my favorite word lol) with basic tees, the favorite jeans, and whatever else I consider to be my usual uniform!

Step 2

I did my best to organize everything into bins! Usually I use my bins to separate clothes by season, item type, etc but for this project I separated into three groups: donate, sell, and priority. The first two groups are pretty easy to understand but the last group was a bit trickier. This was like my “maybe” pile: the clothes I would only part with if they sold either online or wherever and if they didn’t sell I would consider either keeping them or giving them to whoever I knew would want them.

Step 3

As I got all the clothes, shoes, and everything together I posted a few hot items for people to check out online in case they wanted to grab them on the early side! This was pretty easy because I kept the boxes in my car for whenever I needed to visit the post office, and I only did this step for just one week so I didn’t have to keep up with it too long before completely detoxing!

Step 4

Head to Clothes Mentor and Platos Closet! I had so much fun visiting their stores and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sell the rest of my clothes! I just drove up, they helped get everything out of my car, and then I ran errands while they went through everything and got a text when they were ready!

I went to both locations just because my closet has a range of brands from Free People and American Eagle to Frame and Veronica Beard! It was just really nice to not have to wait long and get extra help clearing everything out! Plus I highly recommend checking out their inventory because you never know what gems they have in store!

Step 5

Donate and Recycle! This step is super easy. For me there are plenty of drop off locations around downtown so now that I am done selling my closet I’ll be getting rid of what else has some use and value!

Thank you all for reading! I hope this gave you some inspo on how to detox your own closet! My biggest advice is this: if you cannot decide whether or not to give it away, then definitely give it away!



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