The Detox Series

Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. John 15:2

Hello Lovelies!!

2020 has been an absolutely insane year for all of us. I have had some major blessings despite the pandemic but recently I have really been going through it with just negative energy in multiple areas of my life. As I try to heal from what is going on I realize there is a lot I can do to make my situation better. I can control my actions, the positive energy I give, and the boundaries I set for myself. Below I will outline the areas of my life I will be working to change and I hope these ideas can give you some inspiration for your own life!

Closets and Clutter

THIS IS THE FUN PART! One negative thing in my life is the hour or more I spend picking out an outfit. I have an idea in hy head, I try to pick things out that go together, but then I am unhappy for whatever reason. Maybe something doesn’t fit, or match, or I keep thinking I will wear something again but then I do not, and those things happen! I also get that feeling of “I have nothing to wear!” which is not true but it really affected me.

Here is what I learned from those rough mornings: more clothes will not fix it! I tried telling myself, “oh if I find the perfect thing to go with what I have I will be happy!” Nope. Now I have more stuff and I am tired.

So I am doing a closet detox! I am already halfway through the process and it feels so good! I was brutally honest with what items I really need, and this way I have better visualization to see what I really like in the morning! Here is my advice for you: if you haven’t worn it in a few months (unless it is a seasonal item you will wear again), choose to donate, sell, or recycle it! I organized EIGHT boxes of items to take out of my closet, and once I have sold what I can everything else will just be donated! It is really refreshing to not have so much clutter!

Next I will work on the random items I have stashed throughout my apartment I also do not need, all for the sake of living stress and clutter free!

Social Media

Remember your news feed is what you make it! I am choosing to be incredibly more selective with who I choose to follow, and more importantly I am excited to set goals for how much time I spend looking at my phone in a day! I am hoping for no more than an hour and a half total of screen time and that includes working screen time as well!

Diet and Exersize

There will be more updates on this one but long story short I have my trainer to help! Right now we are focusing on drinking enough water and consuming enough lean protein at every meal!

Toxic People

This is a hard one to talk about but it really happens. Friendship breakups and cancel culture will damage you, so why let that hardship get to you? I have discussed some of these issues before and recently I have learned two things: (1) It is always important to check yourself when a relationship goes south. Make sure you are doing your best to be a positive influence, and (2) it is NEVER your job to make people like you. Sometimes people just want to hate and maybe they know there’s nothing you can do to change it. Let them think what they want. What is important is that you set boundaries FOR YOURSELF. If someone is toxic to you the best thing is to just not interact with them. Lastly, setting boundaries is not a hostile act, you are simply keeping to yourself. Currently, I am challenging myself to let drama flow away. No more panic attacks, and no more letting people control my mood or my self esteem.

Thank you for reading if you made it all this way! I am excited for you all to follow this journey and I hope you can learn some cool stuff along the way!



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