Three Years

Hello Lovelies!

Three years. WOW. On January 14, 2018 I knew I wanted something different and I never looked back. At the time I was a pre-med student at Miami University, freaking out over summer internships and MCAT prep. I was unhappy with so much from my relationships to studies to overall confidence that I just wanted to do what made me feel uniquely happy.

Initially I had been planning my goals for the year. Every year I ask myself how my short term goals impact my long term goals. There was one big goal in particular that I realized I had not been working towards AT ALL, and that was my goal of eventually writing a book and sharing my story.

Have I written a book yet? No. Am I on track to still fulfill this goal? Yes. I knew I wanted to just start writing and slowly build an empire of encouragement. I have always been an open book and for some reason I felt called to share my story and the details of my own life struggles in the hope of helping others grow too.

I started this blog with the intention of sharing cute fashion and beauty tips, maybe a little home and organizational content simply because it interested me, but then I grew more and more open with you all about my past, my struggles, and my faith. So now together we have developed quite the community of absolutely lovely people intent on encouraging each other and growing in all areas of our lives through (what you could call) lifestyle content.

Since 2018 so much has happened and I am so grateful for every opportunity that you all have granted me. In this year and the years to come I hope to truly take this business full time and just take this brand to its full potential!

Thank you for laughing with me.



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