2021 Goals and Mood

Hello Lovelies!

We are already nearly through with January, but I figured it is better late than never to finally discuss our goals for 2021!! I would have to say that the biggest lesson I have learned recently, especially with the detox series, is that a year can change SO MUCH. I am going to spin this in a positive light and hopefully encourage you to see that there are so many amazing things you can do in just 12 months! Now that y’all have an idea of my personal theme for this year, let me share more on how I organize my yearly goals and put it all into a nice mood board!

Something I have always shared in the past is the importance of writing detailed goals. Instead of simply stating what you want to achieve, try making bullet points or even more detailed lists of what you will do to achieve that goal and how you will track your progress!

For me with every goal I have for the year I include daily or even weekly tasks and challenges to make it happen! Progress is difficult to measure in short periods of time but just see what a year can do!

Now for my actual goals this year: a lot of these are similar to my goals last year. Some are a continuation of habits I am working to form and others simply stem from what I learned in quarantine!

The first thing I am excited to work on this year is my personal devotion and willingness to share my faith in my content. Last year I made the goal to share more of my faith, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many of y’all wanted more! This year my goal is to spend more time reading my Bible and journaling in the hope of sparking more ideas! I’m excited to see what’s in store!

The next big goal of mine all relates to my apartment! I hope to save up efficiently for grown up purchases like a new couch. This part may sound boring but I’m excited to turn my space into something Pinterest worthy!

Another fun thing here, but I have looked into getting a furry friend sometime in the near future! Aside from financial responsibility I will need to free up a lot of my time beforehand so a big goal of mine is to get to a place in my life where I can make this happen!

My last big goal for myself is to grow in my brand, but this includes solidifying my identity as a content creator, creating content more consistently, and building my business skills all into something greater!

All of these goals require more detailed planning than what I have already offered here, but with all my fun lists (which btw it helps to have them in a day planner or your notes so you can easily access them) I feel like I can make it happen!

Lastly! Something I have done before that I am excited to do again is create a fun mood board for my goals! This way I have them on my Lock Screen and I can see a cute little reminder every day!

Happy goal setting!



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