If You Are Not Moving Forward You Are Going Backward

a blog post inspired by a message from Brian Cromer at Queen City Church titled “Baby Monsters: Complacency.”

Hello Lovelies!

This week I missed church out of a combination of stress and laziness so ironically this message was for me.

Once I studied the message on Monday I realized we gotta talk about it! 2020 left me in quite the survival mode with drive and purpose taking the back seat, and I am sure I am not the only one. In this article I will share a brief analysis of this message followed by a practical application for those struggling in complacency.

First, no matter who you are, God has a purpose for you and that purpose is to make a difference in the lives of other people. Sure we all want to leave a legacy and impact others, but it is more than that. We fulfill this “purpose” by doing, but moving forward with drive for change.

This purpose and drive is completely different for everyone. It is designed to be your UNIQUE gift. What keeps you from your purpose is this complacency I keep mentioning. It is lazy and it is selfish. (Keep in mind here I am not referring to rest or sabbath which are both important parts to a good life.) living in ones comfort zone can feel safe, but it actually makes your life smaller and smaller. You are no longer working towards the significant impact of a purposeful life, you are putting yourself is a kind of survival mode.

One big example from the message is David’s life in 2 Samuel 11. It is complete complacency living in the comfort zone. Now for those who know the story of David that is certainly not the last word (2 Samuel 12:13.)

Now for that practical application: in my life I have had several seasons of seeking purpose. Asking myself, “what do I want to do with my life?” Or “how will I be extraordinary?” lead me to study all kinds of different fields in college. To test the waters in medicine, to cultivate all my passions from dance to language to writing and producing. Looking back it was a lot. A lot of pressure on myself to be great no matter what purpose I chose and a lot of time spent on things I am not currently doing.

Now in my 24th year I realize that season of moving and cultivating passions was hugely important even if it may not look like I fulfilled (or worked towards) my purpose just yet. What I am getting at is this area between complacency and purpose, and that is work. It is hard work but whether it looks like your purpose or not it is still important.

Exploring your passions is a form of moving forward, and it is ok to be in that in-between for a while. We see from stories like David that something is always brewing even if it doesn’t make sense. Complacency is a trap, but work and rest and all those good passionate things will help you toward your purpose. If you feel like you cannot quite find your unique legacy, take your passions and your interests and cultivate them, because that truly is a form of moving forward.

I haven’t found my purpose just yet. I feel like I am getting warmer and warmer but it is ok if I am not there right now. 2021 is all about moving for your purpose, whether to find it or to fulfill it.

I hope you move forward this year!



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