Sustainable Spring Shopping In Cincy

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Hello Lovelies!

Recently, as many of you may already know, I am in the middle of a significant lifestyle change. Since my move to the city over a year ago and after the detox series, I have felt both influenced and inspired to explore sustainability in so many areas of everyday life! I have never considered myself a sustainability blogger before and I am certainly no expert (honestly farthest from one) in this area, but I would like to say “Nobody’s Perfect!” In this new series on sustainability, I would like to share my journey (as someone who just started using reusable bags) learning about all the ways I can do better environmentally, and as a bonus how you can have fun picking up these good habits as well!

This series starts out with a local twist for my Cincinnati readers! Today I am sharing my favorite local business and how they incorporate sustainability into each of their philosophies and just do good. From coffee shops with compostable packaging to second-hand shopping, here are my favorites and how they have taught me to do my part around the neighborhood!

Clothes Mentor

I started selling and recycling my unwanted clothes back in the fall primarily for the sake of a minimalist wardrobe, but now I better understand the importance of shopping second hand! Reusing clothing is a great place to start in order to reduce the insane impact of manufacturing. Just consider the problem of excess fabric, synthetic materials, or the fact that so many large companies who are “going green” this month still package clothing in individual plastic bags.

The first thing I love about my Clothes Mentor in Hyde Park is that it is locally owned and operated! So not only are you shopping sustainably, but you also get to support your local economy when you sell or buy. This spring I intend to maintain my minimal wardrobe but if I add new pieces I will do so with sustainability. One more thing I learned is to avoid synthetic materials, like the stretch in a lot of denim brands, because this actually ends up in landfills where it cannot break down. As I shop I will be looking for pieces like 100% cashmere sweaters or vintage leather goods for quality and the good things that come with it!

Koko & Forage

Two of my favorite new shops in Cincy are actually right around the corner from my apartment! Koko and Forage just opened up on Fourth st and they are the cutest!! Every so often I will take a quick walk to visit and check out any new stuff they have, but basically these are two sister shops with such a positive mission! Koko is where you can get so many soaps and other cosmetics like bath salts (my fav is a large jar of salt with essential oil infusion), tooth paste, shampoo, and just all the cute home, kitchen, and bath things! I love how they source their brands and use minimal packaging. For their soaps you can bring your own jar or reuse one of theirs!

Forage is the cutest local plant shop! After I moved into my new apartment I was so excited to bring life and a little serotonin to the space!

Rooted Juicery

Why only share boutiques when you can share restaurants and cafes that also do good! Next I have loved Rooted since I moved here! They are know for vegan, gluten free, and responsible food. I was first hooked by their avocado toast and Fountain of Youth smoothie and now their locations are my go-tos for a quick breakfast or lunch! I love how they use compostable straws and have a little market with other brands that do good!

Deeper Roots Coffee

I have completely switched over and am definitely addicted to their coffee!! If you are looking for really good local coffee that is ethically sourced with sustainable practices (another place for green cups) check them out! They just opened a new location walking distance from my place so the coffee addict in me is extra excited! Also I can’t wait for both Deeper Roots and Rooted to one day open their indoor dining – the atmosphere is *chef’s kiss.*

The Native One

Last but not least on my early list of local favs is a shop I recently visited for the first time! The Native One is a cute local boutique with trendy finds. It is also across the street from another brunch place I love so perfect for little outings!

For all my Cincinnati lovers I hope this inspires you to go out and try new cute places to shop eat and learn how you can live more sustainably too! I plan on continuing this series with more blog posts and how I learn to do better and live more consciously in time for Earth Day on the 22nd!



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