For The Home: Luxury Must-Haves

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been waiting to share updates on the new apartment just because I realize now how dang long it takes to get everything set up! We still have months before a couch (or any seating lol) shows up but once it’s together I cannot wait to share everything! Stay tuned here and on YouTube for the current process and how I shop smart for the things I need!

As I searched for different fun pieces I have learned a lot about luxury home products and where they can truly matter. So, to start off this new chapter of the Home Series here on She Laughs I thought I would share my favorite luxury items! These products cover a wide range of home needs for whatever stage you are at, and they also make great things to add to a registry! I picked these items because they are all “luxury that matters.” These pieces may be brand name but if you are going to want high quality things for your home that actually add value, check them out!

And before we get into the list, I have everything linked here for you to shop!

1. Dyson Vacuum

Fun fact: I currently don’t have a vacuum! My place is small enough now that I can spend more time cleaning my floors the old fashioned way, but part of why I didn’t go ahead with a cheap vacuum is I’m actually saving up for something good! You want something with all the features you are looking for: compact, reaching odd places, tackling pet hair, nice warranty. I would rather save for something good than waste money on something that will not last.

2. For The Gallery Wall

I LOVE a good gallery wall and as I plan what to put up in my space I have learned it’s so easy to mix different kinds of pieces! I already have some thrift/etsy finds but I’m a sucker for good prints and canvases so I shared two of my favorite brands for those!

3. Good Vases

I’m at a point where I’m collecting plants faster than I’m collecting vases and pots! And finding larger ones is much harder for a reasonable price point, but one brand I love for funky vases is Marimekko! You especially need something in a fun and different shape for guests to notice! And this is just another fun area in home buying where creativity can thrive!

4. Minimalist Yet Functional

One new brand I am loving is Yamazaki – a collection of minimalistic pieces designed to bridge gaps in functionality, especially in small spaces! I love their leaning coat racks – they hardly take up room and they are perfect for my “getting ready station” where I lay out my clothes for each day. They also have great storage caddies and other small space solutions for anything you need!

5. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

THE BLANKET OF BLANKETS! If you are looking for a trendy throw that will actually keep you warm, try this one! Barefoot dreams has been a popular cozy brand for a few years now but what makes them great is their value of high quality coziness. Brand name blankets are great, but this one actually works.

6. Anything smeg

Doesn’t this toaster make any kitchen look put together?? Yes it’s pricey but I had to put this on the list because it’s just so cute!!

7. Gua Sha and other beauty tools

For the bathroom I love my little skincare set up and while this may not seem like home decor having cute products on display is such a fun thing to come home too! What I love about the gua sha I chose is it is also package free!

8. Good Candles

Candles have been REALLY overpriced lately and they don’t need to be! I love have a stash of small scents and even larger candles for the coffee table, but anything that can match your home vibe is perfect! I added Brooklyn Candle to this list because they have a nice range of color palettes for their packaging for whatever home theme you have going, and the price point isn’t too bad!

Hope you enjoyed this list of luxury home finds! Stay tuned for more blog posts on how I shopped furniture on a budget and more!



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