The 5 Things I Bought At The #NSALE

Hello Lovelies!

Every year bloggers go crazy over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and if you look back at archives you would see I am also guilty! Since I started shopping the sale I have noticed it changes a lot: the dates, deals, all of it and it is a lot to keep up with.This year I have decided to shop smarter, so here is my very short, budget-friendly list of things to consider when shopping the #nsale! The reason why I am opting for a short and sweet article is because I am tired of influencers linking basically EVERY SINGLE ITEM and hardly buying ANYTHING. So to stay away from over-hyped deals, here is how I am shopping smart!

Last thing: to shop everything featured: shop here!

1. Repurchases

There are probably some sale staples you love and may want to buy again, so why not knock out any repurchases at the lowest price! Some good examples of products that are in the sale each year: laundry detergent, faux leather leggings, rain boots, and beauty products! If you plan on restocking, the sale is when prices will be lowest.

2. Fall Staples

For me this includes black pants/jeans. I gave away all my old pairs and need a little refresh. Also, if you need a new fall sweater or something interchangeable in your closet, why not!

3. Beauty Sets

My favorite this year is the Olaplex value set, and other good brands include: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nécessaire, Supergoop, and La Mer! Make sure you like everything in a set before buying!

4. A Good Pair Of Shoes

Functional or fun, if you know you want new boots for fall now is the time! But remember if you have black booties at home do you really need 5 pairs?

5. Gifts Or Things For The Fam

Again, a lot of similar kinds of pieces come back each year, so if you know you will be shopping kids or mens for anyone in the next few months, maybe snag the better price now!

I hope this article offers some insight into smart shopping, getting what you need, and not getting overwhelmed with all the hype!



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