The Best Body Positive Creators To Follow, If You Don’t Already

Hello Lovelies!!

The body positive community has encourage social media users for over a decade now, but with new platforms like TikTok, creators now have the ability to more quickly share new, raw experiences regarding diet culture, size-inclusivity, and gender norms as they relate to this ever-changing issue. For me, it is really important to maintain a “news feed” full of real people with amazing stories. So, here are some of my favorite creators and their stories to offer you new inspiration and encouragement!


Body Positive Bartender has a consistent lineup of body positive content and now uses her platform to speak out, share her raw story, and encouragement audience.


Shane started sharing his weight loss journey over a year ago but what is so powerful about his content is the overwhelming positivity to his videos. He also creates a space where big people feel they can do all sorts of normal things that diet culture has gate kept.


Spencer is a GEM! A lot of her following seems to come from the fresh, relatable energy she brings to each video, but her confidence and the way she strives to instill confidence in others is what put her on this list!


It’s the CEO of the OO-Tah-Dah! Another informative queen who is supportive, encouraging, and extremely funny!


Sophia is such a real person and I love how she promotes a healthy relationship with your body. She also advocates for people who are unlearning diet culture and experience all kinds of appearance-related stress.


Just an amazing person to look up to! Raeann is a curvy girl’s fashion blue print and I am so here for it!


Tyler started his page to share his personal journey but it is so amazing to see how he’s built a platform to teach confidence and vocalize a variety of important issues with his audience. Love it!!



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