The Skincare Routine That Calmed My Rosacea

Hello Lovelies!

I have always had rosy cheeks and would avoid normal blush while applying all the color corrector, but since this spring, I have been working to actually heal my rosacea acne rather than ignore it and cover it up. I am not completely certain what caused my most recent flare up, though a likely culprit is finally going off of birth control. In April, I had a skin reaction that was SO BAD my skin refused to take any moisturizer or makeup – it’s hard to explain but my skin got so raw and sensitive that nothing worked.

Any time you are in a skin crisis, evaluate EVERYTHING you are using – which is what I did at the time, removing every step of my routine and replacing them with sensitive-safe ingredients to calm my skin. So, let’s get into my 10 current favorite products and how I use them!

1. Best Skin Ever – Sea Buckthorn

This one is probably the simplest to use which is why I make it my entire morning 1 step routine! It is a cleaner/moisturizer, but simply it is Jojoba oil (great for redness) and other oily goodness I use to rinse my face in the morning. This is like a super gentle cleanse that maintains skin’s natural moisture, and I love how it won’t irritate my skin prior to makeup application. It truly is that simple!

2. Tower28 SOS Spray

I have this one on me all day! I originally started using to prevent maskne during long days with a mask on, but now it is my favorite toner for during my skincare routine and when I need a refresh throughout the day!

3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Holy grail!! I have used this since their launch in 2018, and I love it for so many uses from eye cream to overnight mask to after-sun cream. It is packed with niacinamide which I prefer over hyaluronic acid .

4. Biossance Gentle Squalene Cleanser

I have heard good things about squalene for rosacea, and with sensitive skin I want a cleanser that will not strip the natural barrier I have on my skin. This product I have only been trying for a few weeks but so far so good!

5. YTTP Vitamin C + Caffeine Serum

Vitamin C is tricky with rosacea as it is a chemical exfoliant. When I use this sparingly its like an instant glow, but I will only use it once or twice a week to avoid irritation from overuse.

6. The Ordinary Lactic Acid Serum

This is a new product for me but I am adding it to the list as it is amazing in combination with azelaic acid below – a power couple for rosacea because the lactic acid will gently exfoliate and the azelaic acid works to dry out acne and get to the source of redness.

7. The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution

Made popular on TikTok, this mask is a relatively gentle form of AHA for me. I only use it for 5 min maybe once a week and it neutralizes little bumps and uneven texture without making my skin red!

8. The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Moisturizer

As mentioned above, I am honestly seeing the most significant results with this product. The only thing I have to look out for is it does dry your skin so I typically follow up with Jet Lag Mask or Jojoba oil

9. Farmacy Beauty Honey Mask

Moisture and antioxidants! I love this one for instant hydration and cleansing before an important event – and the honey has so many good natural benefits for your skin for free radicals and dryness.

10. Dr Jart Cicapair Overnight Mask

Love the Cicapair line but my current obsession is the overnight mask! This is perfect for slugging but with added ingredients to soothe inflamed skin.

And that is everything that has worked so far! I am still a few weeks into my rosacea journey so hoping my skin still cooperates with this products for the rest of the summer. Thank you for reading!



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