Personal Styling 201: Incorporating Unique Pieces Into Your Capsule Wardrobe


Hello Lovelies!!

With the fall season quickly approaching, now is a great time to reevaluate your wardrobe! In previous blog posts, I have shared how you can develop a capsule wardrobe, but today is all about how you can take that a step further, adding in pieces that are unique to you.

First, Identify Your Style

Find keywords to describe what you wear, or what you want to wear. For me, I like to describe my style as both extra and versatile. Extra, meaning I love statement pieces (ruffles, feathers, even sequins – the kinds of items that become the whole focus of an outfit) and Versatile, meaning I like pieces that have multiple purposes and can be comfy while dressed up or casual while refined.

Identify your keywords, then the next time you shop look for pieces that fit that description!

Next, Find Items That Speak To Your Story

Shopping unconfidently can create a bad habit for buying clothes you don’t fully like – from jeans you hope to squeeze into to a dress you never bothered to alter. Instead of seeing shopping as either a chore or an opportunity to spend, remind yourself that now that your capsule wardrobe is complete, you don’t need anything unless it truly speaks to you. Be ruthless with your criteria and only bring home something that captures the style and narrative you want.

Put It All Together!

As you begin to collect different pieces, this will add more color to your capsule wardrobe and give you a new picture to your total personal style. Now that I have both capsule and non-capsule pieces, I am able to see what fabrics, silhouettes, colors, etc I gravitate towards, and work with that to find what feels the most me!



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