Inexpensive Date Night Ideas (At Home Or Out!)


Hello Lovelies!

As Con and I prep for the new year (and prep to become parents!!), one big goal for us has been prioritizing our quality time. So for 2023 something we hope to maintain even when baby girl is here is our weekly date night!

We already do not like spending much on date nights and since we first got to know each other through quarantine, we now feel like experts on dinner and a movie at home! Previously Con and I have shared some of our favorite dates during quarantine specifically, and below we are highlighting some new ideas as well as ways to make time for each other with a little one!

Thrift or Shop Second Hand Together

Go to a garage or estate sale together! Or maybe a curated vintage shop! You do not have to buy anything, but it creates a fun outing to see what interesting and unique pieces are out there!

Visit a Gallery

Another “go and see” opportunity! Visit a local museum or art show and wander around! You can also make this a fun opportunity to get to know someone by having set questions to ask regarding each other’s favorite piece – or one idea is to each pick out what work of art most reminds you of them!

Catch a Local Open-Mic Night

Another local venture! Check out local talent with snacks and drinks before or after dinner out!

Do an Online Class Together

Anything from yoga and fitness to parenting prep, meditation and more! This is one option to do something new together without needing a babysitter!

Build a Fort

Make it a fun movie night with nostalgic cozy vibes, and don’t forget the popcorn!


One of our favorite ideas! Walk to your local park with blankets, cushions, snacks, and maybe even take-out and just chill outside for a bit! Bonus: if brining baby use the stroller to stash everything!

Visit a Bookstore

Bookstore dates are one of my favs because you can add a scavenger hunt to it! Maybe you are actually looking for your next read, but along the way find creative ways to get to know each other by looking for works/passages/etc that fit various things on the scavenger hunt you write beforehand!

At Home Spa Night

Do some face masks together while you cuddle on the couch!

Be Tourists in your own Town!

This one is more open-ended but see what there is to explore near you that you haven’t! Maybe there is a unique walking tour in your area!

And those are a few ways Con and I plan on spending time together (beyond new recipes and shows at home) as we prep for our next chapter! What are some of your favorite date ideas that didn’t make the list?



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