Be Delusional In 2023


Hello Lovelies!!

It is my FAVORITE time of year! Yes, I love the holiday season plus the cozy winter weather, but more importantly I love how this is the time for self-reflection and planning for the future! Since before the blog I have loved setting and organizing goals for the year, also see below for previous musings on goals and personal organization:

In recent years I have truly witnessed the power of goal setting, manifestation, and all the positive things that come with believing good things can happen. Last year I dreamt of becoming a full time blogger, and the year before I dreamt of affording our wedding, two BIG goals I had no idea how they would play out BUT THEY DID. So that is why for 2023 my mantra is “be delusional.” Dream the big dreams even if they seem wild; you would be surprised what amazing things can really happen if you put the idea out there!

Next year, Connor and I have plenty of big things already on the horizon with our daughter’s arrival and my new working situation, but here is a look at our goals and how we hope to make them happen! A lot of our goals together focus on the health of our baby, building our home and her nursery, budgeting as a family, and one of my favorite goals is our weekly date night! This was Con’s idea and I love how we have already developed inexpensive ways to keep dating through marriage and I am confident we can keep the tradition after baby is here.

As for my career goals, there are so many that are close to my heart! One goal from this past year that didn’t happen was in-person events. I want to create a fun way to bring online community together, and tbd on what that will look like in 2023. Other notable business goals include officially creating my LLC, establishing side hustles, and growing my team!

Next, This is the fun part! Once I have an idea of the goals that are really important to me, I head to Pinterest and make a whole mood board dedicated to all the things that are on my heart, but make it aesthetic! This year I searched nursery inspo, date night ideas, fashion merchandising, girl boss vibes, and other fun things that match how I feel about the upcoming year!

And that’s a look at how I plan/visualize goals for the new year! I hope this inspires you to be delusional in 2023, and I am excited to see what you can accomplish!



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